The people of VAT numbers have been waiting for time to take measures to facilitate their profession in terms of reducing the tax burden. Let’s see what tools the Government has introduced in this regard.

Flat Tax 2020: flat rate and anti-evasion limits at the gates
The 2020 maneuver is in the pipeline and for the people of VAT there are significant changes.

The first is the introduction of the flat tax of about 2 million self-employed workers, which consists of a tax relief subsidized at 15% up to a ceiling of 65,000 euros with an income determination regime that will remain “flat rate” instead of going to the “analytical” one as initially feared by the EU which implies a consequent saving in terms of administrative costs and the possibility of taking advantage of some simplifications such as exemption from the application of VAT and IRAP.

However, this regime remains tied to the ceiling of 30 thousand eurosfor those who accumulate income from employment and pensions and expenses for collaborators and employees with a limit of 20 thousand euros .

The third constraint on the capital stock, which measures the value of the capital goods before depreciation with a ceiling of 30 thousand euros, would appear to have disappeared, although there is no absolute certainty that it cannot be reintroduced differently.