Online trading: the stock exchanges in the Autumn of 2019

The world of Trading is open to all , it does not take large resources or possibilities to become part of it, yet still today many people avoid this reality.

Between those who consider it a select few and those who think it is all a big scam, made to extract even more money from people, the world of trading always sees the addition of new followers, but never more than it deserves.

If you want to make money by trading, then the goal you set yourself is not absolutely unattainable, in fact, all you need is to have the patience to accumulate a bit of experience and work hard on your knowledge and skills. Let’s try to show you something about the world of online trading .

The situation of European stock exchanges

The past week has seen a closing of the European Stock Exchanges characterized by a strong sense of widespread caution , with Milan which saw its trading end in a fractional drop of 0.02%. There are few positive notes, such as the one concerning the Mediaset group that after the agreement with the Peninsula fund that confirms and makes sure the merger between the Italian and the Spanish reality in the new Dutch holding company Mfe.

The other few moves: Frankfurt closes up 0.08%, London slips by 0.26% while Paris adds 0.46%.

What is online trading?

The world of Stock Exchanges, markets, are the meeting points for investors from all over the world , where the future of dozens of workers and the economy of entire countries is decided, based on how the quotations that concern them experience moments of rise or drop.

There are several sites and platforms that can do for you, such as .

Online trading has seen its moment of greatest splendor with the advent of the network, which has allowed anyone not only to be able to invest from the comfort of their own home, while lying on their couch, but being able to control and manage from there details of their business.

The first question that can save you, even given the rumors and legends that concern the world of markets and investors, is how much you earn with trading and whether it is for everyone or for a few. The real answer is depends, because in the world of trading, your success or failure is all in your hands.

It often happens that those who start without any training or take care to wait and study the markets a bit, investing from scratch and losing all the capital in a short time , thus remaining with a handful of flies, end up creating false myths about trading and its nature, going so far as to say that it is piloted and fraudulent. Nothing more false.

It is your personal skills, your skills, that make the difference and that is the only real way to make real money.

What I need to do online trading

All you need to start trading is:

  • A computer with a good connection
  • A platform , better known as Broker, that will take care of you as mediator
  • A decent initial portfolio

which market is best for you and when and how to invest, you will need more time and work.

First of all, you need to understand what the trader “buys”, that is the assets like equities, currency pairs, commodities and that vary according to the market on which you decide to invest. There is no real purchase and sale.

This exchange takes place through the figure of the Broker, a platform that deals with managing the movements of its client and giving them continuous support, directing them towards the best deal.